Carcasa grading para Pokémon TCG

The hidden secrets of the FCA grading case

Fantasy Cards Authenticator has worked hard to make our dream of a perfect grading service a reality. This aim involves the subject that will be analysed here, which has required a lot of dedication, the grading card case. 
Carcasa exclusiva para Cartas Coleccionables

An exclusive design and its implications

The challenge when designing the card case was always clear, to create something recognizable and at the same time 100% exclusive. And we have achieved this!

This could be interpreted as unimportant at first sight but has a lot of implications, probably not apparent to the naked eye, but which are very important for you to be aware of.

This design and manufacturing effort is a synonym of dedication. The dedication of a great team in order to provide the best grading service possible. And it begins with an exclusive grading card case (Generic cases have never been considered).  If there is something you can always count on it’s our commitment.

Security is the priority

At this point you may have asked yourself what are the afore mentioned “generic cases”. To be honest with you, they are a security problem. If you are seeking the maximum security for your cards, you should avoid the grading services that use these generic cases. These cases can be easily acquired and thus are a source of problems because they facilitate counterfeiting. Be careful with your purchases!

You don’t need to worry about this with us. Only we have and use our own card cases. We have designed them and they are exclusively manufactured for FCA. This is a guarantee.

And there is more. Security is an essential part of the FCA philosophy. That’s why our card case has been designed in order to make it’s opening after sealing as difficult as possible. The welding wires are inaccessible, which is a plus in terms of security. This is very important because if the case could be opened the authentication process would lose all its value because the content of the case could not be guaranteed.

This seems to be obvious, but not all our competitors are able to offer this.

Our card cases also include our brand printed from factory. This aims to boosts the brand itself, but it also looks great. Details are always important.

Carcasa segura para cartas coleccionables
Nueva carcasa para juego de cartas coleccionables

The importance of the ergonomics

As a culmination of our desire for an exclusive card case, we couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to talk about the ergonomics of our design.


This has been our main goal, an attractive and recognisable design that is also comfortable to handle. 

Symmetry issues. 

No straight edges or annoying corners. Pure comfort. You no longer have an excuse to not admire your favourite card for hours on end!