FCA® offers a new grading service for hobby lovers.

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Why trusting FCA is a good decision

We’d love to tell you that we’re part of a thousand-year-old guild of artisan dwarves from the mines of the north and that we use magic cases to seal your cards that are created using materials extracted from the cosmic gods.

But it’s a not quite so mystical.

We’re collectors, just like you, TCG (trading card games) or collectable card games lovers. Therefore, at Fantasy Cards Authenticator (FCA) we know very well the treatment and attention that your cards deserve.

We offer a grading service that guarantees fair and realistic scores. In addition, we use our own cases, designed for cards of two different sizes! 

Trust FCA and let us be part of your collection.

Point scale

At FCA, we strive to be the fairest and most rigorous grading service in the card grading sector. This is achieved through our enthusiasm alongside our forensic documentation equipment and an own custom-designed programme to analyse the cards. We can’t avoid feeling like little detectives hunting down authentic items!

We work with a classic scale from 1 to 10 points, given according to the conservation status of the card. We make you a spoiler. Perfect cards are pretty hard to find. If you are lucky enough to have one, TAKE CARE OF IT!

We also authenticate painted or extended art cards (that are classified with the “ART” distinction in the label) and cards that have been altered to preserve the appearance of the original card (classified as “ALTERED”). These two kind of cards do not receive a score, but it is absolutely necessary to be original cards.

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A unique service with a special case

At FCA, we have never wanted to offer a generic solution for the card cases, copying was not an option, that was clear. After a lot of work and effort this led to the creation of our official card case. We tell you this because it is an important update.

First of all, for security, for you and your cards. The case has been designed to leave the ultrasonic welds as inaccessible as possible, to stop anyone opening the case. FCA at the forefront of safety!

But there’s more! Since it is an exclusive case from our service it can’t be counterfeited! Only FCA manufactures and uses it. 

And best of all, you’ll be familiar with the case design, to which we have added our own details, and above all, outstanding ergonomics. You’re going to love it!

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Etiqueta para cartas gradeadas

The Fantasy Cards Authenticator label

The eye is the mirror of the soul as the labels are of a grading service. You’ve probably already noticed that we have put a lot of effort into taking care of the appearance of our website, as we have also done with our label. Our philosophy is fantasy and safety.

Purple and gold are our corporate colours. This is why they are also used in the label. Add to this a sprinkling of creativity and you’ve got something special and easily recognizable.

But the most important part is related to the security measures, which have been included to avoid counterfeiting. We have used premium material, on which we apply glossy prints that can only be made in a printing press. All this is finished with invisible UV ink and the respective security codes. The result, mind-blowing!