STANDARD: 14,95€

The most affordable grading service of FCA. It is the optimal service if you have a lot of cards to grade and you are not in a hurry.. The estimated delivery time for your graded cards, to the address you specify, is 22 days*.

EXPRESS: 19,96€

The fastest grading service of FCA. Its cost is +33.5% over the Standard price. The best choice for fans who can’t wait to enjoy their new graded and protected cards. The estimated delivery time for your graded cards, to the address you specify, is 10 days*. You will be able to select this grading service at the end of the ordering process, at the checkout.

* The time needed to authenticate and encapsulate your cards is counted in working days (from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays), from the receipt of the cards in our facilities to the day that they are sent back to the customer. Consider that it is an approximate date (not guaranteed). Fantasy Cards Authenticator is working to improve these deadlines, so it may be that the time required will be shorter than the timescales indicated above.

At FCA we authenticate many different cards, Pokémon, Magic the Gathering, Dragon Ball, Digimon and more. You can find an updated list of the collections we accept by visiting our “cards we grade” section.

All the described services include 21% VAT in the shown price. Remember that the prices refer to individual cards.

The maximum number of cards per order is 30.


We work with the CORREOS shipping company, both nationally (in Spain) and in Europe.
No shipments are made to Andorra, the Canary Islands or non-European countries. If you are interested in hiring our service from any excluded location, contact us to find a solution.

SPAIN-MAINLAND (1–30 Cards) 5,50€
EUROPE (1–30 Cards) 29,50€



Hiring a shipping insurance is optional but it is highly recommended in order to insure the package content against loss or damage during the shipping process.

Minimum insurance up to 400 €** 5€
Insurance up to 1000€ 12€
Insurance up to 1500€ 18€
Insurance up to 2000€ 25€
Insurance up to 3000€ 37€
Insurance up to 4000€ 49€
Maximum insurance up to 5000€*** 61€

** It is not possible to hire a shipping insurance for a lower amount.
*** If the declared value of your order exceeds 5000€, contact us.



If you send us 10 cards or more, you will receive a 10% discount on the price of the standard grading service. The costs of the express grading service, shipping and shipping insurance are excluded from this discount. The discount is applied directly during the order process, before payment.



Consider that, in case of losing or damaging the package during shipping, the insurance service (if it has been paid for) will only cover the package declared value (The sum of all cards).

Fantasy Cards Authenticator reserves the right to modify, without previous advertisement, any benefit linked to our services. The orders made under conditions before any modification will maintain the conditions that were established in the moment that the order was requested.