Carcasa diseñada para cartas de Yugioh

Learning about the grading label of FCA

Fantasy Cards Authenticator always pays attention to the details, as can be seen in this website, so with the labels that will go along with your cards were not going give any less.

Let’s see what’s behind their design.

Servicio de gradeo de cartas en España

Making magic

A good quality service requires the using of good quality materials. Hence, the basis of our label is a premium material which is also resistant to the passage of time.

From that start point, we began working on the design to consolidate our brand using our corporative colours and dragons. Who doesn’t like dragons?

Even more, we have also used special inks like gold and UV (We extend the information in the following section)

The importance of security

Now, let’s discuss the most important part of all. The implemented security in the labels is crucial, especially for avoiding and hindering counterfeiting. This is very important not only for FCA as a company but also for you as a customer and as a collector.

The first thing is the premium material that comprises the label. Since it’s not a common material, it’s very difficult to replicate, which gives us peace of mind.

Shiny effects have also been applied to the label as an extra anti-replication measure. Moreover, we have also printed different elements with invisible UV ink. It is not visible to the naked eye but trust us it’s there protecting the authenticity of your graded card. Apply black or ultraviolet on our label and you will see the magic.

If that wasn’t enough, the security code and direct link are included as an additional verification measure.

All these measures are applied for one reason, to offer our customers’ peace of mind.

We highly value authenticity. 

Etiqueta segura para grading de cartas


FCA wants to give you the chance to make your graded card a unique and very special item. We will give you a space on the back of the label of your card, just below the partial scores, so that you can include the message of your choice* (up to 20 characters). It’s also a great opportunity to gift someone a card with a customized dedication.

*FCA does not tolerate phrases that are offensive to any person or group. We are very committed to values and respect.