How to know if a card graded by FCA is an original in three simple steps

Are you afraid to been cheated with a fake graded card? Do not worry. In Fantasy Cards Authenticator we have a lot of security measures to avoid this problem. Learn with us the three key rules.

1. Your card has all the security measures

This is not a security measure itself, but it is the most important thing. Every graded card must include all, yes yes….ALL, the security measures that the grading company says it has.

Is any missing? Be suspicious about its authenticity. That easy.

In Fantasy Cards Authenticator we have include a lot of security measures. This makes very expensive, and difficult, to counterfeit our cases and labels. We care about your peace of mind and place great importance on your trust.

2. The importance of the label

The label is essential to ensure the authenticity of a graded card. They normally include different “anti-replication” measures apart from the card information and the grading score. Sadly, some card grading companies decide to use very simple labels, making them easily replicable.

Fortunately, there are original and safe labels on the market, being a good example our FCA labels. Let´s see what they include.

Design and shiny effects

Label design and finish is something to look out for. Any label that could be printed using a printer that you may have in your home should put in alert your senses.

In FCA we know this and that why our label is made by a specialized printing company using premium materials. It has a satin finish that is impossible to achieve with ordinary paper.

Even more, we have used different colours very difficult to replicate, such as gold, for different elements of the label. An extra for security and a shiny appearance!

Regarding our design…everything we could say is not enough….Enjoy it!

The ultraviolet light will reveal incredible secrets

There is not a better hiding place than one in plain sight. Our labels include watermarks with ink that is only visible with ultraviolet light. This has two clear benefits for you, the label is even more difficult to replicate, and it has an extra security measure that allow you to check in a very simple way the aunthenticity of the graded card.

You have still not seen the label of Fantasy Cards Authenticator (FCA) under ultraviolet light? And why are you still reading here? RUN!!! You will be amazed!!

One number to rule them all

Graded cards normally include a numeric code in the label (usually in the back side). This code is unique and unrepeatable, in other words, there is no card with the same code.

It is very important to check the information that is shown in the website when entering this code is the same as the information on the label of the graded card (name of the card, grading score, partial scores,…). If the information is different, your card is fake for sure.

If you want to check your FCA card click here.

QR Code

This is a very common and simple security measure yet very easy to imitate. The QR code of your card should bring you directly to the database of the FCA website and show you the information of your card.

If the company´s home page, the manual numeric code entering page or another is opened….Suspect!

3. The importance of the cases

Card cases give a lot more information about a grading company that what you think. There are grading solutions on the market by using generic cases with only minor changes. This is a big problem in terms of avoiding counterfeiting, because everyone has the same card case. Bad business!
In Fantasy Cards Authenticator (FCA) we didn´t what that. Thus, we thought in a different way since the beginning to make it even more difficult, and we succeeded! We have designed our own card case from scratch with specialized engineers. And this is a very important aspect regarding the security that we offer. You will not find our card case for sale anywhere.

In addition, we have added various details to check that our card case is an original, as can be seen in the images.

We are looking forward been part of your collection!