The 7 features that make Fantasy Cards Authenticator (FCA) the best company to grade your cards

Let us guess… You love trading cards! It’s no secret that to us either. Whatever the collection, Pokémon, Magic or Dragon Ball, they all have something special.In this article we are going to tell you the 7 key reasons why FCA (Fantasy Cards Authenticator) is the best grading company for you.

The importance of a custom-designed card grading case

The Fantasy Cards Authenticator team has designed their own case and they worked hard on it! You will receive your graded cards in an original and exclusive case. We don’t believe in using generic cases or copies.

Our case provides optimal support for the card after it has been encased. We take great care over this and know that you are going to love it as much as we do!

¡Don’t worry! The case’s material will NOT damage your cards (it is free from PVC and acids) and that is why we case cards WITHOUT a sleeve. This will allow you to see the details of your cards much better. And as if that weren’t enough, the cases have enhanced ultraviolet (UV) protection to make them even safer.

But there’s more, we have two different grading cases. One for 63×88 mm cards (for Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon, Dragon Ball, etc. sized cards) and another one which is 59x86mm (for Yu-Gi-Oh sized cards).



If the card you are going to send us is highly valuable to you, or it is a gift for somebody special, at FCA we are here to help you give your grading card a distinctive and unique finish..

We have kept a space on the back of the label so that you can include a personalised message*. Give your card the personal touch it deserves and surprise your loved ones with a creative gift.

*At FCA we are strongly committed to our values and respect. Messages offending any person or group will not be permitted.

A very competitive grading service

Every day we strive to offer you our experience and professionalism through a competitively priced service that includes a host of extra benefits. 

For those without a minute to spare and who don’t want to queue, we have included the Express Grading service! This service speeds up the time from when you send us your cards to when you receive them at your home.

And if you prefer an exclusive experience, stay tuned for the Premium service that will be launching soon… you’re going to be amazed! There are already a few clues about this on our website.

The Devil (of grading) is in the details

If the eyes are the mirror into the soul, the FCA website is a reflection of how we work. . 

Themed around a fantasy world, you will find a colourful and fresh design, full of jaw dropping images of fantastical characters. From imposing elves to dreaded dragons, all designed exclusively for you to enjoy.  

We have optimised every section of the website to offer you direct and clear content. As it should be! It will be easy and instinctive for you to find exactly what you are looking for.

Your favourite card authentication company always at your fingertips

We would love to hear about you and your collections, and also to let you know what we are working on at the moment. Social media is the perfect platform for this.

You can find us on: Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and LinkedIn. We regularly upload new content to show you inside of FCA and keep you up to date with news and interesting facts from the world of trading cards.

Our diligence when grading cards is crucial

At FCA we are stringent when grading your cards because we know the value of your collection and we want your cards to be graded fairly.  

We have designed a rigorous and objective grading system, mainly based on data analysis.

We use all the state-of-the-art equipment needed to check your cards, from digital magnifying glasses and image analysis software to forensic document analysis machines!  

We get the grading score by analysing the data from the different equipment and using a specialized FCA programme. It is a highly complex process but leave the analytical part to our Goblins and just enjoy your cards when they are returned to you.

Originality comes first in our grading service  

We have put all of our efforts into the security of our graded cards to ensure their originality and prevent counterfeiting.

Exclusive Fantasy Cards Authenticator case

As we mentioned before, our cases are an exclusive FCA design, so you can’t find generic copies on the market. This is a key point for us in the fight against counterfeiting.

Authentication label

Our label has several security systems to prevent copying and counterfeiting. It first comes with a premium finish, which is difficult to replicate and also has random generation codes and engravings visible only under ultraviolet light.

There are a few other security measures, but… Let’s not make it too easy for them!

Ultrasonic sealing of the casing

We seal the cases using ultrasonic welding, so that they cannot be opened again. This system guarantees the protection of your cards FOREVER. Any card that has been removed from its casing, or any case that shows marks of having been forced open, loses its authentication guarantee. In other words, the grading is no longer valid.

So, if you are ever asked, no, once sealed your card cannot be reopened (not without the use of brute force and the subsequent risk of damaging the card), since the welded seals have been designed to be inaccessible and are highly resistant.

Certificate of Authenticity

Each card graded by FCA has a digital and physical certificate of authentication that guarantees its originality. Additionally, you can always check all the details of your card on our website with the codes provided.

Taking all of this into consideration, we are the BEST option for grading your cards. All of us here at Fantasy Cards Authenticator (FCA) would like to invite you to find out more about us and enjoy a truly unique experience of authenticating your cards with us. We are looking forward to receiving your order and seeing what treasures you have in your collection. Grade your cards now!