3 tips to increase your graded card collection in 2023

Are you afraid to been cheated with a fake graded card? Do not worry. In Fantasy Cards Authenticator we have a lot of security measures to avoid this problem. Learn with us the three key rules.

1. Check the security measures of the card

The first thing you should do when buying a graded card is to check that it includes all the security measures offered by the company that certified it.

Every grading company, including us, that is Fantasy Cards Authenticator (FCA), have implemented such security measures. This allows us to ensure the authenticity and truthfulness of the article once it leaves our facilities.

The included security measures are different between grading companies. In FCA we have included several security measures, such as an exclusive card case or watermarks on the label (among many others). Some companies bet on the basics and the implemented security measures are minor.

In this case, the important thing is for you to know that a graded card will always include ALL the security measures, without exception, offered by the company.

When you choose a grading company make sure you select a safe option, in other words, that includes enough security measures. If you want to know why FCA is YOUR BEST OPTION, click here (enlace carcasas) to know about our card case and here (enlace etiqueta) for more information about our label.


2. ID or QR code to confirm authenticity

Even if it has been not implemented by all, most of the grading card companies, including Fantasy Cards Authenticator, have available an online system to check the graded cards. Let’s say that it is as a huge database. If the card code is registered, Congratulations, it´s an original!

In some cases, the cards simply include an ID code usable in the company´s website or, instead of that, a QR code that fulfils the same function. In FCA we have implemented both. 

Request always the code before purchasing a grading card to a seller to ensure that it is completely original.

¿Do you want to check a card? Click here (enlace a comprobar carta)


3. Use reputable trading platforms to purchase cards

It is highly recommended to use recognized buying and selling platforms. This kind of platforms, you will probably know more than one (we don’t want to advertise for free), usually offer a buyer protection service. This way if any of your purchased cards has any kind of problem not previously reported by the seller, for example that the card case has being opened, you will be able to claim your money back (providing the corresponding evidence). It is an easier process that it sounds.

And taking advantage of the opportunity, and as a finishing touch…watch out for the prices. Use your common sense. A common card graded does not cost 500 euros, despite having a grading score of 10. In the same way, Santa only comes for Christmas… A very precious card with a very good grading score is not worth 100 euros… Nobody gives nothing away for free!

Despite all of the above, at Fantasy Cards Authenticator we firmly believe that there is nothing comparable to grading YOUR OWN cards.

It is not the same purchasing a valuable card already authenticated than grading your own Base Set Charizard. The one you have kept and maintained for many years in your collection. Remember that the value of the cards is not only defined by a qualifying number. Any grading score can surpass the attachment between a collector and her favourite card.

Don’t wait any longer, send us your card and join the great FCA family!